Applications of Machine Learning in Audio

September 28-29, 2020 
(Two four-hour sessions)

The Audio Engineering Society is inviting academic and industry audio researchers and practitioners to participate in the first AES event highlighting Machine Learning. The online symposium will focus on machine learning as it relates to applications in digital signal processing and audio engineering. 
The Audio Product Education Institute supports this important AES symposium, through its Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning education pillar. The symposium will offer nine hours of programming consisting of pre-recorded presentations with live Q&A and parallel sessions in dedicated breakout rooms.

Changes and Opportunities in Supply Chain and Sourcing

August 26
9am Pacific Daylight Time (12.00pm Eastern)

Mike Klasco, CEO, Menlo Scientific and APEI’s chair of the Supply Chain and Sourcing education pillar will address the methods, practices, economics and politics of the hardware, software and development services that go into every audio product produced. “Long established relationships, trustworthy suppliers that know what we want and need, are losing their position as viable vendors,” explains Klasco. “Where do we go from here?”

In this webinar, Mike Klasco and other highly experienced guests will address the challenges in the supply chain caused by the rising cost of goods from China, the tariff wars, the Hong Kong struggles, and the dynamics of the global pandemic. The emergence of new suppliers in Asia and what part of the audio business can brought back home will also be explored in detail.

Successful Smart Speakers and Voice-Enabled Products

July 9th 2020

Our two presenters discussed a series of real-world challenges they have faced in developing sophisticated interactive smart speaker products. Topics addressed covered the disciplines in voice integrated products, from acoustics to microphones, electronics, DSP and output transducers.

Attendees gained a keen understanding of how all these areas must work together in order for a product to succeed
in attaining the goals set by the product manager.
Attendees learned how companies in the past were not equipped to make the best decisions or to integrate these disciplines to succeed with their end product.


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